Meet the developer

I began Pixcil Pass to showcase my work from the past 20 years of web design, development and to house other relevant projects.

Back in 1997, I was in high school and the Internet was just beginning to branch out to homes.

The web back then was, as you may remember, a pretty ugly place, but it was a place where I believed you could invent anything and I wanted to leave my mark.

My hometown (bless it), was also a pretty ugly place, especially when you are young and bored. I decided to start a web project with my journalism friend that reported on what my peers growing up around the southern Brazoria County area could do and were doing.

I taught myself HTML after school and my journalism friend created content. We called our first website “ThE pLaCe” and it was hosted on the now defunct GeoCities (RIP).

While my hometown is still not so pretty, the “interwebs” has really grown up quite beautifully. I’ve seen it go from something people hardly touched to being in your phone!

And I believe it’s still a place where you can leave your mark.

My first web design job

My first web design job came in 2001, I was still in school at the Art Institute. I was hired to work for a start-up company in The Woodlands building out templates for real-estate agents in Photoshop and HTML.

That was just the beginning of my work experience.

I have built, launched and revised many websites and their components while advancing my humble HTML skills to professional, polished XML, CSS and JavaScript development for big companies, ad agencies, small companies and personal endeavors.

I’ve been a web designer, a bookseller, an entrepreneur, a pharmacy technician, and now a web designer again since then.

The best thing all of my experience has taught me is to work hard at what you like doing best. For me that comes down to designing and developing for the web.

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More about me

  • Sun Sign: Sagittarius
  • Moon: Scorpio
  • Ascendent: Aquarius
  • INFP


  • Infinity Challenge
  • Animal Crossing, Beautiful Katamari, Alistair ++
  • Coffee
  • Drawing connections
  • Convenience stores
  • Cats (duh)
  • Reading


  • Misunderstandings
  • Shopping
  • Coconut
  • Failing
  • Driving
  • News media

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